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Stephen Marcus
Stephen Marcus 
Deputy Treasurer


Stephen served in the RAF between 1998-2018 as an emergency nurse with postings in trauma centres reflecting that speciality: Birmingham, Oxford and the deployable aeromedical response teams.  


He undertook a number of operational deployments on OP TELIC in various roles as well as on OP HERRICK, the latter both as MERT nurse and OC MERT. From 2012-2015 Stephen was the specialist advisor for emergency medicine for the RAF and supported the cadre both operationally for MERT and strategically for Defence.  


Before retirement in 2018, Stephen was a staff officer on HQ 2 Medical Brigade where along with supporting numerous operations, he led on the validation of both AIR and LAND medical capabilities including MERT and the Tactical Medical Wing’s critical air support team. 


Stephen is currently employed with Take Point Training as a Lead Facilitator, designing and delivering bespoke leadership and team development programmes. He is honoured to be part of the MERT Club committee, a club that has meaning for all who served (and were treated) in the world-leading and life changing capability of MERT. 

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