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Matt Haslam
Matt Haslam 


Matt qualified as an NHS nurse in 2001, working in a specialist burns centre before switching to emergency medicine in 2003. He completed his specialist training in 2005 and became an emergency department charge nurse.  


Afetr joining the RAF in 2006, Matt deployed to Afghanistan on his first MERT tour a year later. Returning to the UK, he was appointed to the new staff officer post where he was responsible for establishing the MERT course, developing the initial clinical module and providing specialist advice to industry.  


Thereafter, Matt deployed numerous times including on Op TELIC to command the immediate response team. During 2009 and 2010 he again deployed to Afghanistan, now in Commander of MERT capability. His final tour on Op HERRICK was in 2012. Through 2014/15, Matt worked with the Commando forward surgical group and the Royal Navy Role 2 hospital as an emergency nurse and MERT practitioner for the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf area.  


In 2016, Matt trained as an advanced clinical practitioner and graduated in 2019 with a distinction. He deployed to Kenya multiple times commanding the MERT capability supporting the army’s large-scale live firing exercises. 


Matt continues to serve in the RAF and is Deputy Commander of Nursing at the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine. He continues to help in the development of MERT, instructs on the MERT courses as well as maintaining his clinical skills as a specialist practitioner with South Central Ambulance Service.  


MERT achieved many remarkable feats during the time it operated on OP HERRICK and as the MERT Club Historian Matt is passionate about ensuring that as many MERT experiences as possible are captured.   

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