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About us 
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Meet our founder 
RAF Squadron Leader (Retd) Shaun Pascoe 

Squadron Leader Shaun Pascoe served in the Royal Air Force for 16 years. During his service he completed operational tours in Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Afghanistan and served as Officer Commanding the Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) between 2007 and 2012. When not deployed overseas, he undertook a senior departmental management role at an NHS hospital in the UK. 


Shaun left the RAF in 2014 to set up a sailing charity to help military veterans suffering from physical injuries or mental trauma. Turn to Starboard has since helped hundreds of military personnel to benefit from the therapeutic effects of the sea, and helped open doors to new careers in the marine industry. The charity recently widened its support to NHS staff and the UK’s Emergency Services.


In 2018, Shaun created Take Point Training, a leadership and team development company for the corporate sector. The company employs a team of talented ex-Forces personnel who translate their leadership skills and knowledge to clients in a wide range of sectors. 

He set up the MERT Club in 2020 to help o reunite colleagues who undertook this unique role. 

“It’s a real privilege to have served on the MERT team and play a part in reuniting members to help preserve our shared history. Membership is open to all those who have undertaken a MERT tour in Afghanistan and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone in person at our future social events." 


Shaun holds an MSc in Leadership and Management and a BSc (Hons) in Military Nursing Studies. He is an experienced sailor and is qualified as a Royal Yachting Association Cruising Instructor.

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